We are an independent collective specialising in growing brands, designing digital products & launching startups.

  • Idea
    In the beginning is the idea and the idea has to be good.
  • Magic
    The idea is like a diamond, we make it brilliant.
  • Product
    We give the brilliant to high skilled craftsmen.
  • Launch
    When MVP is ready we offer it to the core users for feedback.
  • Delight
    We develop the product till it makes users satisfied.
Check our projects
Round. Hyperlocal Media What is happening nearby right now? Round lets you discover the best events and activities nearby through thousands of thematic & territorial streams. For businesses and communities Round offers an easy-to-use publishing tool that helps to communicate with targeted audience. Find what happens nearby
Just Mail. Anonymous Email JustMail is the first truly anonymous and protected mail platform. It uses fast time-proved i2p based protocol with robust encryption so you could stay completely private while using JustMail services such as email, storage, payment & etc. Join private party
Sagan. Parallel Computing Sagan Project is a patented new computer architecture that enables significantly increase the computational powers and allows unlimited upgrading of hardware through true parallel computing. Check how it works

Side projects

Wonderwork has great experience in building brands and their products from scratch: from the raw ideas to market expansion.

The medium is the message.

The world has changed and everything around us is totally dynamic now. Life became a stream of information and we need completely new tools for navigation and exploring this fast-changing environment.

Analyzing people's needs and pains Wonderwork applies its ideas and knowledge to create ambitious projects on the edge of different disciplines.

Image by Michael Crichton